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Former graduate students and post-doctoral scientists

Brad Bernhard, MS 2016; Innovative Foliar Micronutrient Sources in High-Yielding Corn Environments. Currently continuing in the laboratory.

Katie Parker, MS 2016; Agronomic Management of Soybean with Foliar Manganese and Apical Meristem Alterations.Currently with Asilomar Bio.

Alison Vogel, MS 2015; The Sustainability of Tropical Maize as an Alternative Biofuel or Silage Crop.Currently continuing her PhD studies with this laboratory.

Cole Hendrix, MS 2015; Identifying Variability for Nitrogen Use Traits Among and Within Maize Heterotic Groups using ex-PVP Germplasm. Currently with Ranstad Corporate Services.

Ross Bender, PhD 2015: Agronomic and Nutritional Considerations for Increased Soybean Productivity; and MS 2012: Nutrient Uptake and Partitioning in High-Yielding Corn. Currently with The Mosaic Company

Tryston Beyrer, MS 2014; Optimizing Nutrient Availability for High-Yield Corn Production. Currently continuing his PhD studies with this laboratory.

Brad Bandy, MS 2014; Response to Planting Density for Corn Hybrids Grown Under Narrow and Conventional Row Spacing. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Jack Marshall, MS 2014; Understanding Variability Associated with Corn grain Yield Response to Foliar Fungicide Application. Currently with BASF.

Kyle Vogelzang, MS 2013: Minimizing the Continuous Maize Penalty Through Intense Management. Currently with Evergreen FS.

Jason Haegele, PhD 2012: Genetic and Agronomic Approaches for Improving Nitrogen Use and Maize Productivity; and MS 2009. Currently with Winfield Solutions.

Ryan Becker, MS 2012; Management of Higher Populations in Maize. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Adam Henninger, MS 2012; Analysis of Management Factor Contributions to High-Yielding Corn Production Systems. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Luke Cole, MS 2011; Corn Yield Response to Twin Rows and 30" Rows. Currently with Channel Seed.

Wendy White, MS 2010; Sugar, Biomass, and Biofuel Potential of Temperate by Tropical Maize Crosses. Currently UIUC Crop Sciences Recruiter.

Kateri Duncan, Post-doctoral associate 2007-2008; Currently with Syngenta.

Martin Uribelarrea, PhD 2007; Physiological Characterization of Nitrogen Use in Maize: Opportunities for Improvement. MS 2003: Productivity and Nitrogen Use of Maize Hybrids Derived from the Illinois Protein Strains. Currently with Monsanto Company.

Jeff Wessel, PhD 2007; Value of Cultural Practices for Improving Nitrogen Management in Corn. MS 1999: An On Farm Evaluation of Amisorb, Starter Fertilizer, Sidedress N, and Time of Ammonium Sulfate Application. Currently with SGS Crop Consulting.

Allen Becker, MS 2007; The Physiology and Management of Continuous Corn. Currently at Monsanto Company.

Matias Ruffo, Post-doctoral associate 2004-2007; Currently at Bioceres Semilas.

Jerome Bergerou, MS 2001; Role of Nodules in the Beneficial Impact of Soybean on the Following Corn Crop. Currently at Accuracast, UK.

Kent Rorem, MS 2000; Agronomic and Physiological Evaluation of Postemergence Herbicide Applications on Glyphosate- tolerant Soybean. Currently at NC Dept. of Agriculture.

Jeff Yockey, PhD1998; Evaluation of Nitrogen Sources, Starter Fertilizers, and Amendments for No-Till Corn Production. Currently Director at Champaign Bikes.

Albana Zeko, MS1998; Role of Root Morphology and Iron Source in Enhancement in Nutrient Use by Polyaspartic Acid. Currently at University of Alberta.

Qingyuan Sun, PhD 1997; Role of N in Controlling Kernel Growth in Maize.

Xingting Wang, PhD 1995; Physiological Aspects Associated with Mixed-N Induced Increases in Growth and Tillering of Wheat. MS 1990: Influence of Nitrogen Form on Growth and Tillering of Wheat. Currently working at Intertek.

Louis Mumera, PhD 1992; Nitrogen and Genotype Effects on Assimilate Partitioning and Resistance to Striga in Maize. Currently Professor at Edgerton University, Kenya.

Ken Smiciklas, PhD 1991; Physiological Role of Mixed Nitrogen Nutrition in Enhancing Productivity of Maize. Currently Professor at Illinois State University.

Insun Ho, PhD1990; Biochemical Basis for Differential Leaf Senescence of Two Maize Hybrids. Currently at Abbott Laboratories.

Lowell Gentry, MS1990; Effect of Nitrogen Form and Availability on the Productivity of Maize. Currently at the University of Illinois.

Tom Williams, MS1990; Plant Traits Related to Productivity in Four Heterotic Patterns of Maize Hybrids.

Juliann Czyzewicz, MS1990; An In Vitro Approach to Understanding Nitrogen Use in Maize. Currently with the Crop Physiology Lab, UIUC.

George Singletary, PhD1989; Regulation of Growth and Storage Product Metabolism in Cultured Kernels of Maize. Currently a contract researcher.

Jill Heberer, MS1987; Effect of Mixtures of Nitrate and Ammonium on N Utilization and Productivity of Wheat. Currently with Rovia Travel.

Colleen Wyss, MS1986; Characterization of Chemical Composition and Interactions in the Grain and Stover of the Illinois Protein Strains of Maize. Currently homemaker in Albuquerque.

International visiting scholars and research assistants

Gabriel Lorenzetti Bigolin- 2016 (Brazil)

Rita de Kassia Siqueira Teixeira- 2016 (Brazil)

Joao Pedro (J.P.) de Paula Souza- 2015 (Brazil)

Ana Luiza Scavone de Camargo- 2015 (Brazil)

Renato Barbosa Camargos- 2015 (Brazil)

Alvaro de Oliveira Santos-2014 (Brazil)

Narjara Fonseca Cantelmo-2014 (Brazil)

Jiying (Anna) Sun- 2013-2014 (China- Inner Mongolia)

Hung Ju Chen- 2013 (Taiwan)

Minzhe Zhang- 2012 (China)

Keila Silva da Cunha- 2012 (Brazil)

Giulio Testa- 2012 (Italy)

Leonardo Fagundes Matioli- 2011 (Brazil)

Paulo Vinicius Magnago Galvao- 2011 (Brazil)

Giovan Ala B. Perez- 2011 (Brazil)

Camila Cramer Filgueiras- 2011-2012 (Brazil)

Bianca Moura- 2009-2012 (Brazil)

Fernando Cantao- 2008-2012 (Brazil)

Guilherme Cabral- 2008 (Brazil)

Mariano Quesada- 2008 (Brazil)

Bola Olaniyan- 2006 (Nigeria)

Mark Harrison- 2002-2010 (England)

Yilmael ('G') Diaz- Perez- 2001, 2003 (Puerto Rico)

Martin Uribelarrea- 2001-2010 (Argentina) PhD 2007; MS 2003

Jerome Bergerou- 1997-1999 (France)

Jairo Cazetta- 1997-1999 (Brazil)

Ho Jin Lee- 1997-1998 (South Korea)

Qingyuan Sun - 1995-1997 (China)

Jianxiang Ma- 1995 (China)

Rolf Mian- 1994-1995 (Bangladesh)

Albana Zeko- 1994-1997 (Albania)

Raul Faleiros- 1992-1994 (Brazil)

Louis Mumera- 1987-1990 (Kenya)

Shan Yan- 1986-1996 (China)

Xingting Wang- 1986-1996 (China)

Ivan Ortiz Monasterio- 1985-1986 (Mexico)

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